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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

Meanwhile, back at the out-house, things are piling up...!

I'm half-heartedly attempting to gather specifications for building a bowling alley in my VRML TOS Enterprise. It's on deck 21 - same deck as the pool machinery!

So I'm scouring the interweb for specs on the lanes: length, width, etc. I am unable to find out any dimensions or description of the cross-sectional shape of - you guessed it - the gutter.

And since the balls are supposed to come back to the players under the floor, that means the floor must be raised. There's only a regular-sized head-room on that deck as it is. I can't imagine raising a false floor so balls can travel under it...

I was just thinking - should I run a pole to see if it's ok to use a transporter to return bowling balls? What about instead of the pin-spotter machinery? Would it be ok to use a transporter to set the bowling pins in place?

Tell me what you think!
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