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Re: [GAME] The Great Trek Screencap Game!

Here are the Final Scores for this thread:

orac: 11
Tuln: 8
Marie1: 3
LeadHead: 45
casey: 1
NCC-1701: 3
trekkiedane: 1
GodBen: 1
Saratoga NX-3842: 19
Praetor: 12
mr. peany: 1
brian: 6
KaiClark: 6
M’Sharak: 1
KirkPicard: 1
Zion Ravescene: 1
Admiral Garak: 2

Our Top 5: LeadHead, Saratoga NX-3842, Praetor, orac & Tuln

The New Thread has been created! Here is the link!
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