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Re: Ratings are in !

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The trend line makes it look like ratings have decline since season 3 but they really haven't. The ratings for seasons 3 and 4 are equivalent.
Season 3 on average, maybe, but the front half is noticeably higher than S4 (and the back half noticeably lower).

You're also ignoring that the trend line continues to drop because of the rather-abysmal "Razor" ratings, and that it actually picks up for S4.
Nah, season 3 just has more data points so it's more spread out. The averages are approximately equal. Also, the highest S3 point and the lowest 2 S3 points really skew things. Take out those 3 outliers and the ratings look much more flat withing S3. You're trying to read too much with too few points.

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