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Re: Ratings are in !

^ But that's still numbers.

What's an audience anyhow? I don't live in a Nielson house (or whatever the term may be) but I don't watch the shows as they air. I find other, mainly illegal, ways of seeing the episodes and everyone else I know that watches the show (many people) do the same thing.

Plus, as good as season 1 was, it was still very tame compared to what we are getting now. I'm not going to make an argument that the show has gotten better (although I think it has) but it has certainly gotten uglier. BSG isn't that easy of a show to watch, and I can understand casual TV viewers might be turned off by it.

Not to mention, BSG's time slot has been brutal since the beginning, and Sci-Fi's airing of different seasons is enough to turn any casual fan anyway.

I'm not trying to start a stats battle here, because I don't have the research to back it up. However, I do think it's worth noting that just about everyone I know that watches BSG has caught onto it around about season 3.5. This is hardly definitive evidence, and I am NOT trying to pose it as such, but I imagine the reality of BSG's audience is much, much higher than that time-slot statistic indicates. And if that's the case, the audience level = quality argument is as flawed as the ratings argument.
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