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Quantum Leap: what if it had been made 20 years earlier?

Had QL came on in March 1969 & went off in May 1973.

Who would the cast of this Quantum Leap have been?

Robert Culp, William Windom, Dean Spockwell, Michael Douglas or, someone else not suggested here, as Dr. Sam Beckett. Beckett's bio is basically the same except either WWII or Korea are the war which affected his family directly. Instead of Vietnam.

Martin Balsam, Abe Vigoda, Jackie Gleason, Jonathan Harris, or, someone else not suggested here, as Al. Al in this is either a WWII or Korean War vet. Instead of Nam.

The role(s) of Deborah Pratt on QL, both onscreen & off, could've been provided by Majel Barrett in this imaginary 1969-1973 QL. Unless you can think of someone else.

What do you imagine this Quantum Leap would've been like?
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