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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Hermiod wrote: View Post
A) It wasn't a "couple of years" and B) the fireworks last night were enough to get Roma kicked out to begin with.
A) It was 5 years, right? What's "a couple" in your opinion?
B) Nothing wrong with pyrotechnics as long is isn't used as a weapon or thrown on the pitch imo.

Jax wrote: View Post
and you seem intent to let Italy get away with anything...its not a gane of comparing to see whose worst, Italy had so many warnings and its not worked.
No, clubs should be punished for things that happen within their sphere of control - like racist chants or violence inside the stadium. But everything that happens outside - like the stabbings against the Arsenal-fans - is something the police has to deal with.

Banning Italian clubs from European Cup because of incidents like that seems strange to me. Maybe it's sort of a culture clash, English football has become so safe and mainstream that the fans don't understand anymore, that sometimes travelling to an away game can be dangerous. And that's not just Italy, things like that could happen anywhere on the continent.

Tomalak wrote: View Post
So we have to wait until they kill someone before UEFA does anything? How many innocent supporters have to get stabbed before Roma are punished? Paltry fines don't work.
When you're talking about sanctions as severe as banning Italian clubs from the EC - which is, what I was replying to - yes, maybe. And what do you suggest Roma should to to prevent such incidents in the future? Who knows if the attackers even visit the stadium?

Heysel was a tragedy caused by cunts who shamed English football, and Liverpool in particular. It didn't help that the stadium was woefully ill-equipped to host a major final, but UEFA ignored the advice they were given.
Yes, there was lots of blame to pass around regarding Heysel, and I agree that giving the final to Rome doesn't seem like a very wise decision. But Italy has taken very extreme measures to clean up their stadiums in the last few years anyway (even too extreme imo).
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