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Re: Marvel release dates: Thor and The Avengers delayed a year

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Actually, I think that Captain America will be a sure-fire hit since it will play well with American audiences.
Questionable; there's a heavy hurdle to overcome with him to show that he's not campy (like Superman, he's associated with the super-naive, goody-two-shoes school of superheroics). Even bigger in international markets, where movies tend to make at least half their money these days.
It does seem as if Captain America has its work cut out for it; but if they go the World War 2 route (and from what I have heard, they are) then the camp factor can be lessened. After all, it can be made into a story about an elite soldier battling Nazis, which is something that can jive with audiences
Yeah, I figure that the first movie as a shoot-nazis-up will do well. Something like Ultimates Vol 1 #1 is what I would have in mind. Lots of action and adventure without being campy.
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