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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
You seem to have forgotten what it was that got English clubs banned from the EC for a couple years.
English hooliganism and Casual culture was way more destructive and anti-social than Ultras could ever be.
So we have to wait until they kill someone before UEFA does anything? How many innocent supporters have to get stabbed before Roma are punished? Paltry fines don't work.

Heysel was a tragedy caused by cunts who shamed English football, and Liverpool in particular. It didn't help that the stadium was woefully ill-equipped to host a major final, but UEFA ignored the advice they were given.

Such inaction is nothing new - how about hosting recent finals in Istanbul, with a newly built stadium in the middle of a wasteland, or the ticketing and crowd control fiasco of Athens, or the absurdity of Moscow as a venue.

A final in Rome is a potential disaster. What happens if, as is not impossible, Liverpool and Man United finally meet in the final? Put those groups of pissed-up supporters, with all their history, in amongst the Ultras and the incompetent Italian police, and the possible outcome scarcely bares thinking about. For God's sake, move it to Paris or Munich.
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