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Re: Marvel release dates: Thor and The Avengers delayed a year

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Excuse me but Avengers will tank. I mean really did you see a thing about Ant-Man in that release anywhere?
It'll all be crap without a solo Ant-Man film prior is all I'm saying.
Isn't Edgar Wright doing Ant-Man? I'm sort of looking forward to that if he's like Robert Kirkman's irredeemable ant-man.
He theory.
I like the character really but am not counting on it until they go into production. It seems to get lip service at this point and rarely makes Marvels movie update except at the year ahead summary. Its been on that list for 2 yrs running now. Skeptical am I that we will see an Ant-Man solo film prior to Avengers.
I have a theory about the script for Ant-Man...

1) The script-writers are supposed to be Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.
2) I listen to the radio show that Cornish co-presents.
3) He frequently misses a show because he's "In America, working".
4) Though his anecdotes (and also through his friend Simon Pegg's blog), we find out that he seems to be working in L.A. when in America.
5) Edgar Wright apparently lives in L.A. now.

So....could the scripting be occurring on these trips?
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