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Re: Cardassian ships: those I am attracted to. Mechanical eye-candy.

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Might they be effectively a torus for the plasma flow around the black hole?
They might. It has also occurred to me that the D'D is one of the few ship designs that could use thrusters to spin the ship around a central point that is not inside the hull, to generate gravity if the artificial system went down.

Personally, I love the design, but I share the lament expressed here about the limited number of designs that other empires seem to get to show.

I like the Galor class, too - but to me, it always looks like it has its aft-end forward. Whereas I would have preferred to see Ferengi Marauders oriented that way, if for no other reason than to make 'em almost the same as the Krellan ships from the old Star Fleet computer game.
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