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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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I checked out a few of your images before posting my question and it seemed like the overlaps of the reds and blues were too far apart so that the images didn't quite line up. Could just be my glasses though.
Ummmm... I've re-read this passage... several times...
wondering whether TheSeeker knows that this is actually how
3d pictures work... but that's just silly on my part!

Isn't it?

Yes, I know this is how the 3D image is created. It just seemed that most 3D images I've seen like this don't have such a big gap between the two colours. I could be mistaken though as I am basing this on my most recent experience with 3D.

If you, TheSeeker, feel that the objects don't line up, then you're either not wearing 3d glasses, not wearing the appropriate 3d glasses, or you're not focussing your eyes based on the images that are trying to trick your brain.
As I have already said, it's probably my glasses. I am using the ones created for the Superbowl and the 3D episode of Chuck which use the ColorCode process. Incidentally, they worked just fine for the Chuck episode so I don't have a problem processing 3D images.

When I get home from work tonight I'll have a look at a few more random 3D images on the web using the same glasses to see if it works for them.
I'm sorry TheSeeker.
Obviously Bitmanagement has some things to answer for!

That was some episode on Chuck and the Chick...
Especially at the beginning where she got all slinky...
I definitely wished that I had 3d glasses for that...
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