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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 9th March)

I don't do enough of these anymore...

DWTS, House, 24, Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami
Honorable Mention...
The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement
Not As Good As It Looks....
20 Episodes from the series finale...
Chuck and Medium


DWTS came back is great style and took away viewers from every other show though expect that to change over the next weeks till at least the final few episodes. Castle may look good but DWTS overran 2 minutes I think but I do know last 30 mins saw Castle lose over 2 million viewers, so expect big drops over the next few weeks...Sorry Nathan Fillion

FOX saw House hit a season low but most shows would kill for those ratings and the demo remains one of the best no matter how low the total viewers drop but expect House to end the season back in the 15 million range. 24 went up from last week and for good reason, this season has been miles better than last year, well done to the 24 writers.

CBS was down but still very strong especially in the demo and its very hard to see any of these shows having any trouble in being picked up, infact expect all of them to get new pickups before the end of March but Worst Week is still expected to get the AXE

Heroes is already dead and NBC will take the 18 episode option meaning after 20 more episodes, Heroes will reach the Series Finale episode and the once great hit will fail to break 80 episodes when Tim Kring spoke 2 years ago about ending on 100 --- FAT CHANCE. Chuck will most likely get a small pickup but Medium is well and truly dead IMO, old show not as cheap as it once was and NBC getting rid of hours next going down down down.

CW - Repeats why not...air Reaper on mondays then
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