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Re: T.H.U.G.S. Get Your CONNOR Fix Here!


Hey, Frenchman is that you? Hi everyone, I'm newish to these forums but being a huge Connor fan I'm so happy to find like-minded people on the net, hope you don't mind me jumping into your forum but would love to pass the time with you guys, whenever I need a Connor fix - which is practically ever day![/quote]

Xabitrip! Always room for more Connor fans! Look around and enjoy the view. Don't be shy about posting your appreciation of all things Trinneer... Trip also comes up in a lot of discussions all over this forum. Join in and in no time you'll be "old enough" to post your own pictures and wear pretty Connor avatars.


frenchman wrote: View Post
hi xabitrip,

and yes it's me, glad to see you here too.

you'll see, it is a great place for a connor's fan.
Thanks for the warm welcome, looking forward to being part of the fun that you all seem to have around here. And I've just found the old THUG You're All We Think About thread, so it looks as though I can enjoy catching up on old news too!

Looks like I also need to figure out how to use this Multi quote button cause it looks different to others when I preview. Mmm, a lovely subject to practice with though hey?

And to think I only really discovered Connor six months ago, boy I've missed so much haven't I? Can't wait to be able to get my own avatar, a couple of rather "gorgeous" ones on this page alone!
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