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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 9th March)

Yes because the night is the issue.
It's half the issue. Every other network has their top premiere shows on that night. That's a fact. Heroes, which used to be NBC's top premiere show, has pissed away and alienated more viewers then Enterprise or Voyager could have ever hopped to. And as such, it's lead in and follow up shows have greatly suffered as a result. Medium and Chuck used to pull in between 8-10 million viewers. Now it's barely 6-7. And the sad thing is they're still doing better then the vast majority of NBC's other programing. So it could be argued they're the only shows that could go up against the other networks that night and not completely bottom out.

If you don't like Chuck, that's fine and I really don't care. But it's not like it's in the same category as Knight Rider, Dollhouse, Sarah Conner Chronicles, or My Own Worst Enemy. So don't pretend that is because the show ain't your thing.
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