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Re: Ambassador class weapons

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It is assumed that it has a foward torpedo launcher in the lower neck, even though the FX team forgot to put it on.
In "Yesterday's Enterprise," Tasha says "Let's take a look at the torpedo launchers" and Garrett says "load torpedo bays." The neck location is up for debate (though it seems this was the intention and there's a bit with a light shining there), but the presence of torpedo launchers is not an assumption.

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It is also silly to assume no aft torpedo coverage.
Silly might be a bit harsh, but it's certainly logical to figure that one of the multiple torpedo launchers mentioned in dialogue would be so placed. Haven't most fans gone ahead and done so?

There was no phaser strip on the belly of the model, but the removable thingy for the mounting hardware clouds the issue a bit. There certainly doesn't *need* to be one there, and the idea that the absence of such phasers would make the ship equivalent to a genetically deficient family member seems a little bit of a leap to me. I guess ERTL thought it was too painful to bear, though.
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