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Ambassador class weapons

Okay, so the Constitution refit had port, starboard, fore, and aft phasers on the saucer, aft phasers above the aft shuttlebay, and ventral phasers on the ventral secondary hull. It also had a foward torpedo assembly.

the E-B had the same, except an additional phaser on top of the hub where the pylons extend outwards and in between the dorsal impulse engines. It too had ventral phasers. The Excelsior was also starfleet's biggest ship so it had foward and aft torpedo assembly's as well.

The Galaxy class had, as everyone knows, phasers up the ass, and foward and aft torpedo coverage.

The E-E, we all saw what she could do.

But the Ambassador class?

Because it was "on screen" (a HANDFUL of times), it's considered to not have any secondary hull aft phasers OR a ventral secondary hull phaser strip.


It is assumed that it has a foward torpedo launcher in the lower neck, even though the FX team forgot to put it on.

It is silly to have a capitol ship without aft and ventral phaser coverage, especially for a ship that is 30-33 decks. That would create HUGE blindspots. It is also silly to assume no aft torpedo coverage. Keep in mind the E-B had aft and ventral phasers, so did the Constitution refit, and so did the galaxy class after the Ambassador class. And considering the E-B had aft torpedo launchers, and the galaxy did too, it's silly to assume the Ambassador didn't.

I mean what is this class of ship? If the E-B and E-D were human's, with the E-B being the grandmother, the mother of the E-D would be genetically defficient.


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