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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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I checked out a few of your images before posting my question and it seemed like the overlaps of the reds and blues were too far apart so that the images didn't quite line up. Could just be my glasses though.
Ummmm... I've re-read this passage... several times...
wondering whether TheSeeker knows that this is actually how
3d pictures work... but that's just silly on my part!

Isn't it?

I'm goin out on a limb here:
the red and blue actually represent two completely separate pictures...
one is completely red-tinted, the other completely blue-tinted (for lack of a more technically accurate and long-winded description).

The two images are placed inside the same picture file, side by side.
You wear the glasses so that your left eye sees ONLY one of the pictures, while your right eye sees ONLY the other picture.

Since your eyes are connected thru your brain, which tirelessly never ceases to try to make sense of what the eyes report, you will focus on objects, that appear in both red and blue pics, as if they were real 3d objects, based on the distance between their position in the red picture and their position in the blue picture. Your brain will consider those objects with the most separation distance as the closest to you and focus accordingly.

If you, TheSeeker, feel that the objects don't line up, then you're either not wearing 3d glasses, not wearing the appropriate 3d glasses, or you're not focussing your eyes based on the images that are trying to trick your brain.

I pray it's not the last one, because then you might find your signature quote refers to you! LOL

Please forgive me - my own tireless inner-know-it-all made me write all this!
"It's not time to stop killing our fellow human beings over bronze-age scribblings...
it's time to stop believing in bronze-age scribblings!
The world never ever was flat, no matter how many believed it."
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