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Re: Captain Kirk Wants Command Of Canada

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Shatner Shatner.

Can he be the US Ambassador to Canada or vice versa, whatever?
I say let's throw him a bone and give him Canada...and hell since it's sitting there lets throw in Mexico too!
Well- it would be up to the party he choose to run in to make him leader of that first. Then the party would have to be elected... It's not up to you...

But if you want to give us Mexico, we get LA (keep the Terminator though) and Texas (for the beef) too since Mexico practically owns them through immigration anyway...

As fun as it sounds to have Captain Kirk as Prime Minister of Canada (and I would always call him Prime Minister Captain Kirk ), not only is he practically as nutty as his Crane character (not a negative as far as I'm concerned), but he's been her for a total of maybe 6 months in the past 50 years... Not exactly prime Canadian content anymore...
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