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Re: Cardassian ships: those I am attracted to. Mechanical eye-candy.

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But Praetor, my pal, you have to realize that those green Romulan warbirds are simply ridiculous. Come on.
Erm... is it the color, or the split hull, or... what? I don't think they're ridiculous. They're gigantic! It was originally proposed as vertically oriented by Andrew Probert, you know.
It is the color and the overall shape of the ships. I just think a noble race like Romulans should have had ships more fierce than something looking like taken from kids toy box.
Understandable then, my friend. I just wasn't sure what specifically bothered you. Personally I don't mind it, but IDIC after all. I'm just glad they actually bothered to give the Romulans a distinct style at all. We were sick of the Klingon second-hand goods! We give them a cloak, they steal our defining characteristics and we end up with second-hand ships!
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