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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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Pardon my ignorance, but what kind of 3D glasses do you need to view your images? They look very cool and I'd like to see them as they were intended to be seen.

Well... ya got me there... I don't have the glasses... so I haven't even seen my work... now I'm wondering if your signature quote applies to me!

I'm pretty sure the red/blue glasses will work, as opposed to the red/cyan which may or may not work, and the polarized 3d glasses which definitely won't work.

I'm dying here - I can't find these glasses anywhere near where I live, and I was just in downtown Toronto and couldn't find them anywhere!! ARGH!

So when you get glasses and you look at my 3d pics and my 3d videos, you are now obligated by law (I hereby formally deputize you) to tell me how it looks!
Well I already have the red/blue glasses that were given away for the Superbowl and the 3D episode of Chuck.

I checked out a few of your images before posting my question and it seemed like the overlaps of the reds and blues were too far apart so that the images didn't quite line up. Could just be my glasses though.
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