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Re: Dollhouse 1x04 Gray Hour - Poll & Discuss

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Alpha here, Adam on BtVS... why can't Joss come up with interesting first male villains.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, but The Master, Spike, Angel, and The Mayor all predated Adam on BtVS.
You are most definitely misunderstanding me. I didn't mean (first) (male villains), but (first male) villains. Adam: first man according to biblical genesis story; Alpha: first letter/first-leading male in a group. And obviously the names were chosen to elicit these ideas, definitely for Adam, but probably for Alpha as well.

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I feel like I'm watching a multi-episode extended prologue to the actual series and I don't think this prologue is particularly interesting.
I'm pinning my hope that it picks up soon and switches into high gear and if this doesn't happen within the next 5 episodes or so i think i'm done.
That's what I'm wondering, what constitutes "switching into high gear" on this show while still maintaining the basic premise of this show?
Well put. The prologue is spun out too much. I didn't read the original script of the first episode that was linked to in last week's thread, but according to some who did, it contains many elements that ended up in episodes 1-4, which only reinforces the idea that the prologue was extended into multiple episodes.

Whether or not the show goes into high gear in a couple of episodes, I think the least we may expect is that Echo starts remembering 'past lives' and starts to build some personality, so that we can invest in the character. Expect to be fully immersed in her story by the time the show is cancelled.

My curiosity demands me to ask: what German dialect is that signature of yours in? And what does it say? Closest I can come by educated guessing is "And yet they still managed to kill the East?" or something along those lines?
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