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Re: Ambassador class

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Well I think that people should stick with Rick Sternbach version. He was the one who worked on the design of the ship..I think he knows best!
Ed Whitefield came up with a much better design, as did Andy Probert in his original study model. I'd take their word over Sternbach's any day.
Dude First...We are talking about the versions of the Enterprise-C seen in the show! Rick S. was the one who design that version, using Andy Probert & Ed Whitefield as a starting point. So for that Rick Sternbach KNOWS best!
Sternbach knows what his intent was. Those intents are irrelevant if they didn't make it into the actual show, and they didn't. If we're extrapolating from backstage and unpublished material, then the intent of previous designs could easily be taken into account without taking the last-minute "Screw it, let's just film it and hope nobody notices" production decisions as gospel truth.

Oh and one last thing! The reason for the new model was...TIME & MONEY!
It would have taken too much time and money to make Porbert's version.
Which doesn't change the fact that Probert's model was a much better design.
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