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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 9th March)

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Isn't Heroes still consistent in terms of demographics?
That's a good demo # in relation to the viewership #.

What we don't know is the 18-34 chunk of that number. Heroes might still skew young - the harder part of 18-49 to capture, so that could count for more.

At those numbers, it must be rakin' in the bucks internationally for its renewal to be such a casual foregone conclusion as the NBC honcho made it sound.

Also I wonder if Nissan is still doing in show promotions. Sometimes I don't even notice that stuff, but if it's a big factor, then the big DVD boost Heroes gets actually would count for something.

Which is why it's worth noting Heroes huge DVD viewing share.

Interesting that the Renew/Cancel guy is now noting what % of DVR viewing happens the same day. Heroes is high in that department (Chuck is very high) so I hope that bodes well for both - ads are less likely to be "expired" if seen the same day (if seen at all).
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