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Re: Dollhouse 1x04 Gray Hour - Poll & Discuss

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So far the show is living off Whedon credit in my corner.

It is mildly intriguing, has an interesting premise and arch storytelling (a big one for me).
I disagree on the interesting premise part. At least for a TV show, it doesn't make sense. TV shows thrive in developing *characters* and the resulting stories that you like to follow each week. At least that's the reason I like my favorite shows.
On the other other side of the coin it has mediocre acting (sorry Dushku.. you are pretty and my type but i guess there's a reason why you aren't a big movie or TV star outside of Whedon shows), some dumb premises (really.. why hire a negotiator, bodyguard or midwife for 1 million $ or more when you can get a real professional for a fraction of the cost) and overall mediocre stories.
Yes, Eliza Dushku is very pretty and I must admit, the main reason I'm still watching this show (not that Fox cares about me watching this show ) alongside hoping that Whedon can conjure up a miracle and save this mess. The problem is, that's not nearly enough to keep me interested for long.
The premise of this show has a *major* flaw in it and it's right at the center. How are we supposed to care about her and the other mind-wiped characters every week unless an underlying personality quickly emerges?
Basically, this show tries to have its cake and eat it too. The basic premise is tailor-made for a really episodic television show (or maybe containing multiple mini arcs). But since it's the same actors portraying the different characters each week we're also supposed to see some sort of overall (character) arc to these episodes.
I don't see how that can continue forward, we'll either get an episodic television show (unlikely, as it would mean changing the cast often), or we're going to move to a format that eliminates the "new personality every episode" format soon, however, that's pretty much the point of these early episodes.

I feel like I'm watching a multi-episode extended prologue to the actual series and I don't think this prologue is particularly interesting.
I'm pinning my hope that it picks up soon and switches into high gear and if this doesn't happen within the next 5 episodes or so i think i'm done.
That's what I'm wondering, what constitutes "switching into high gear" on this show while still maintaining the basic premise of this show?

I'll be pleasantly surprised if Whedon came up with a twist that I didn't think of and ties all of this together, but especially given the ratings, I suppose I should be glad that I'm not exactly becoming attached to this show right now, as much as I liked Firefly, Angel and to a lesser extent Buffy.

Oh and yes, I ignored completely here that the Dollhouse as depicted makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but that's been covered by others very well already (see Temis's posts among others).
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