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Checkmate: A tale of the Klingon/Cardassian war

Part 1 A pawn in the Game

It’s like a game of chess, Gul Verak Dijmas mused except that the cost is so much higher for losing a game.

He sighed loudly startling some of the younger bridge crew, Younger?When did THAT happen; a smirk threatened to cross his lips but he stifled it because it reminded him too much of the person who had sent him out here.

Dijmas sat in the command chair of the Cardassian Warship Union’s Wraith; a Raptor type Subclass of the trusty Galor. Faster and better armed than the Type 3’s, the Raptors where the perfect vessels for strike missions as well as intercepting pirates and raiders. The Wraith also boasted an advanced comm system and superior CnC facilities than anything else in this sector, so he had been sent to Ne’tak V to help co-ordinate the defences there.

Dijmas now smiled recalling the reaction of some of the other Gul’s when he had chosen to gift the Wraith with a pronoun. It was not standard practice in the Union fleet for a Gul, or indeed the crew to identify with the ship or station too closely as it encouraged weakness and sentimentality.
Besides all things are of the state and all are for the state, the Gul mused upon of the most famous axioms from the writings of Tret Akleen himself. True as that may be, Dijmas thought, there was always something to be said for the Human’s habit of assigning a gender to their vessels and after reading about an old nation-state on Earth called Russia and their use of masculine pronouns for ships he had decided to refer to all Cardassian Vessels as ‘he’.

It was honestly surprising to discover how similar in some ways the Humans of the past where to the Cardassian people. The British and the Japanese with their elaborate systems of etiquette and Class distinction, love of literature and the art of conversation, all mirrored the Cardassians instinctive knowledge of their place in the Universe and their appreciation for the art of language.
The Russians, however, where the humans that Dijmas found the most to identify with. The long and tragic history of the Russian nation mirrored all too painfully the struggles of Cardassia, from the brutal and incompetent rule of a corrupt aristocracy to a heroic revolution that changed their society forever. They even renamed themselves the Soviet Union! That had been the real shock when he had first read that particular fact; it’s almost as if they knew about us somehow. It was not possible of course as the Union had been conquering the stars at this point whereas the Humans had not even split the atom but still the notion appealed to the romantic in him.

He was interrupted in the middle of his thoughts by his Dalin Procal Lentan who had been standing politely by the side of his command chair and had gently coughed , stirring Dijmas out of his slumber.
“Gul” began Lantan as courteously as ever “I’m sorry to intrude but there is an urgent transmission from Prime. It’s central Command”. Dijmas sighed and with great reluctance ordered it to be relayed to the main view screen on the bridge. The oval screen at the front of the command deck came to life, displaying the unwelcome features of the senior Military adviser to the Detapa Council.

Skrain Dukat , thought Dijmas, just when I thought today could not get any worse...
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