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Well I think that people should stick with Rick Sternbach version. He was the one who worked on the design of the ship..I think he knows best!
Ed Whitefield came up with a much better design, as did Andy Probert in his original study model. I'd take their word over Sternbach's any day.
Dude First...We are talking about the versions of the Enterprise-C seen in the show! Rick S. was the one who design that version, using Andy Probert & Ed Whitefield as a starting point. So for that Rick Sternbach KNOWS best!

Next, I never said I did not like the other versions of the Enterprise-C, in fact i am making an MSD of Andy Probert versions of the Enterprise-C. I hope to get it done, when he updates his 3d model.

Oh and one last thing! The reason for the new model was...TIME & MONEY!
It would have taken too much time and money to make Porbert's version.
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