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Re: Cardassian ships: those I am attracted to. Mechanical eye-candy.

Tachyon wrote: View Post

But Praetor, my pal, you have to realize that those green Romulan warbirds are simply ridiculous. Come on.
Erm... is it the color, or the split hull, or... what? I don't think they're ridiculous. They're gigantic! It was originally proposed as vertically oriented by Andrew Probert, you know.

Myasishchev wrote: View Post
You are literally the only person I've ever heard decry the D'Deridex.

Regarding atmospheric entry, I sometimes wonder if that's what the double hull on the D'D was for. It does, admittedly, seem mighty pointless in space, but it would increase the lift during a combat landing in a transporter dead zone (as if Trek people care about lift).
I don't think it was particularly 'for' anything.

My personal take is that it all started because the Romulans wanted to build the biggest and baddest ship in the quadrant, and some overblown Romulan Senator (or Praetor ) said 'It shall be twice as big as that Galaxy class ship the Federation is building. The Federation will not outdo us.'

The Romulan engineers scratched their heads, because it was not within their realm of ability to build a ship not only twice as long, but twice as massive. Besides, they didn't really need a ship that big. Some smart Romulan said: 'Hey, I know: we won't make it solid, we'll just take the shape of two regular warbirds, scale it up a little, flip 'em and put them together so most of it will be hollow, but it will still look threatening and be the right length. And, it will still have double the mass and essentially double the capabilities of our previous birds.'

And so they did, and so it was.

That's a rather shortened version of what I imagine the 'real' process would have been, but effectively sums up what I think is a realistic explanation for why it looks like it looks. I haven't decided if there's a logical reason why they switched their ships to a green color. Some kind of advanced alloy plating, or some coating that makes it less visible when cloaked? I dunno.
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