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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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Actually, it's completely different in "Naked Time", "Tholian Web", "Sarek" and other such incidents in that they were broad-spectrum effects; many if not all of the crew were affected. It's easier to prove that something external was going on. Here, ONLY Ree is affected.
Because of a freak confluence of circumstances that would never happen again in a million years. Not because Ree is intrinsically dangerous (well, any more than we already knew he was).

"Brothers" is a far more comparable situation, and yeah, I do have a problem that there is no resolution to, or addressing of, the fact that someone can PUSH A BUTTON and Data can take over the whole shp and be unstoppable. That should have been followed on.
If they ever did Star Trek: JAG, then maybe you'd get your wish to see all these incidents investigated in detail. But this isn't a courtroom series. We can assume that the hearings and investigations do occur, but they're not the emphasis of the series, so they occur offscreen.
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