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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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Plenty of human "instincts" can put crewmembers at risk, like the instinct for aggression causing a crewmember to get into a fight, or the instinct for self-preservation causing a crewmember to panic and abandon his post at a critical moment. Every species has behaviors that can be potentially dangerous to others if they manifest in the wrong circumstances, but sapient beings are able to overcome their instincts or work around them. If you single out one species and say "You are intrinsically unsafe to be around simply because of what you are," then hell yes, that is profoundly racist.
There is a difference between a potential danger, and consequences for actual actions. If a human crew member attacked a fellow crewmember, or abandoned his post, I would hate to think it would be considered acceptable because, hey, fight-or-flight instincts. Because at the end of the day, it's not about what his species-based instincts are; it's about what he did.

Bull. Ree might have been a potential danger to the mother, but his whole motivation was to protect the baby at all costs. The baby was the one entity that he would have never harmed under any circumstances. He would've unhesitatingly died to protect that child. In the mental state he was in, under Deanna's psionic suggestion, he was thinking and reacting as if it were his own daughter.
That... is some rather spurious logic. That's stalker I'm-doing-this-because-I-love-you logic. Anything is justified, even if the imagined goal isn't being achieved. Namely, there was NO ACTUAL DANGER to the baby, until he kidnapped Deanna and put her, the baby and himself in the center of a hostage situation.

This is the same instinct that we celebrate and praise when we see a human parent practicing it -- the unrelenting determination to protect their offspring at all costs, even if they have to kill or die to do it. If it had been Deanna threatening to shoot people that she thought posed a danger to her baby, no one would question the nobility of that motive. It would be understood that, even if she was misguided, she was driven by profound, selfless love. So I think there's a double standard being applied here.
Except for the fact that, in this circumstance, there was no significant danger, except in Ree's delusions.

Where in the world did I say that? I've gone through all my previous posts in this thread, and I see you reading that into my words, but I never said anything of the sort. In fact, I specifically said that the hearing was necessary because it had to be done formally and properly, that it would be wrong to dismiss the matter on a casual whim. I suppose I didn't convey the point strongly enough, but I never claimed that it was just done to make Ree "feel better."
I'm getting that from the text itself, from where Riker essentially says they'll have the hearing quickly, and there's no sense that it will be treated as a serious inquiry. Rather Riker says, "He needs this. He's obviously very guilty about what he did-- I think he wants to feel he's paid his dues." The big thing I'm reading out of that is that Riker really feels there aren't any dues to be paid, and it's just a matter of doing the paperwork regulations require, as well as giving Ree some guilt-assuaging therapy, before letting things go back to normal. Which, instinct and psychic influence aside, is a pretty blasť attitude to have for Kidnapping an Officer, Assault, Shuttle Theft and a massive Prime Directive violation.
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