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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Beret? Vorta are one thing...
You won't be putting my Jem'Hadar in freezers! Or worse...
Yep, that's Berat I'm talking about. And you know the risks of trash-talking him. You're just ensuring the takedown will be THAT much more inventive when it happens.

Remember: just because it doesn't say it on the box it came in doesn't mean Gul Berat won't figure out a way to make it do something it really "shouldn't." Something you won't like.
I'm thinking someone should put one of those Vorta memory things in *you* can steal your strategic mind... But yeah, there have been backslides, but you'd think the Vorta would see the clever-ness of Cardassians... stupid Vorta...
Oh, I think not--remember the expert Berat could call on if you tried to mess with his brain. You wouldn't get far.
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