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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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I'm sorry, but that sounds rather racist, to hold someone accountable for having instincts and responses that are different from those of other species. The whole point of Titan is to accept the fact that different species have different behaviors, different standards, etc. and not force everyone to conform to a human set of assumptions.
I'd say it isn't racist if those instincts put members of the crew at risk, nor is it about human assumptions. It's about the safety of the crew and ship.

Under normal circumstances, a Pahkwa-thanh male's protective instincts are very beneficial. They keep children safe, which is undeniably a good thing. What happened here was a freak concatenation of circumstances: Deanna's grief and fear for her baby, amplified by Tuvok's grief at his own loss, triggered Ree's instincts, and given the immediate danger to the ship at that particular moment, those instincts compelled Ree to do everything in his power to get the baby away from the danger. Under most circumstances, 99 percent of the time, an instinct to get a baby to safety would not be defined as criminal behavior! You have to remember, Ree was reacting as if it were his own child that was in danger. You'd throw the book at someone for that?
Did I say throw the book? No, I'm only talking about not treating the hearing over the incident like a formality of paperwork, as if its end result was a foregone conclusion. And anyone in Starfleet JAG Corps worth their stripes would have a field day with that argument, since the greatest apparent danger to mother and baby was Dr. Ree himself.

My key point is not that there isn't precedent for Ree being cleared, nor am I saying that he shouldn't be eventually cleared-- I'm saying the proceedings surrounding it should be treated with gravity, and not be something that is only done to make Ree himself feel better and assuage his guilt.
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