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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

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Aw, but it would've been cute.
Yeah...but that's exactly what I wanted to avoid.
You? Avoiding something cute on the subject of Cardassians? Who are you?? What have you done with Nerys!? *pulls out Kar'takin*
Hey, I want people to empathize with my Cardassian characters (the ones worthy of it, of course)...but cute? Well...not this storyline, at least.

I found his dialogue fascinating though. It's on character... or species. And I've always found it interesting because Vorta are supposed to be super inquisitive... but you don't learn new things by being a jerk to the people who can teach you... usually.
They do seem inquisitive--but only when they feel like they HAVE something to learn. Dasreen stupidly assumed Berat's knowledge and skills meant nothing because of the wrapping they came in.

And the lesson: Always, always listen to your Jem'Hadar...
But I find it so funny... such a lack of common sense, and he walked into that like... on ice on a hill! It was fun.
Like ice on a hill...and considering some of the idiot drivers in my city any time we get winter weather, that's a VERY apt comparison. Especially with the snooty ones who have SUVs and assume they are somehow exempt from the laws of physics because they have 4-wheel drive and a vehicle that takes up the whole damn lane.
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