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Re: Dollhouse 1x04 Gray Hour - Poll & Discuss

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Count me in the Topher is annoying wagon too! I don't go for the Alpha is Echo's sweetheart since he did murder her parents in ep. 2. That wouldn't be a way to impress your girlfriend (unless she is Faith from Buffy).
He murdered her parents?!? Was that the scene where he's watching the video of Echo? That scene was quite confusing imo. I didn't really figure out what was going on there. Certainly didn't get the idea that he murdered her parents. Quite a big thing I'd say.

The Alpha story line up till now can not really hold my attention. Perhaps because Alpha has just been a mostly unseen force up until now, and not a very interesting one imo. Alpha here, Adam on BtVS... why can't Joss come up with interesting first male villains.
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