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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Be careful. And definitely don't dismiss the young gul sitting next to his first officer, as far from Speros as he can get. Oh, and that piece of unidentified equipment? I'd be afraid. Very afraid.
Beret? Vorta are one thing...
You won't be putting my Jem'Hadar in freezers! Or worse...
Yep, that's Berat I'm talking about. And you know the risks of trash-talking him. You're just ensuring the takedown will be THAT much more inventive when it happens.

Remember: just because it doesn't say it on the box it came in doesn't mean Gul Berat won't figure out a way to make it do something it really "shouldn't." Something you won't like.
I'm thinking someone should put one of those Vorta memory things in *you* can steal your strategic mind... But yeah, there have been backslides, but you'd think the Vorta would see the clever-ness of Cardassians... stupid Vorta...

Besides, it's poker, not galactic domination... this time...
And trade for tulaberry wine was all the Dominion had in mind when they opened relations with the Ferengi? Oh, puh-LEASE! I know not to trust those "innocent" Vorta eyes!
I need to find a pic I took of those eyes- there's something wrong with them. I think they need those innocent eyes to make up for the attitude, the glares and the arguing... if it was a Naussican, there'd be a barfight everytime one opened their mouth!
"He sings lounges? I'm not familiar with that musical form."
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