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ST:TNG potential remastering

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How long did it take to complete the remastering for TOS? Doing this for TNG might seem like a lot, but there's only slightly more than twice the amount of episodes.
I don't think you realize the amount of work it would take. TNG was not a cut negative show that was archived on a shelf in film cans. They edited on video and only have 480i standard definition video masters. They would need to retelecine, re-edit the show, redo all the visual effects in HD. for SEVEN SEASONS!

please see this thread for additional info on it:

Best-of fan collective sets maybe.
Paramount Home Entertainment have already sold separate season DVDs and then the entire ST:TNG series DVDs packaged together. Will ST fans really be up for shelling out for this series? The most noticeable differences will be the first 2 seasons as they were mastered to 1" analog videotape in 1987-1989.
If you look at season 3 in 1989-1990 when it was mastered to D-2 composite digital video tape it looked the same then as it does today as due to the nature of digital video tape. The image is stored exactly as it was converted from analog to digital. It doesn't matter if it was stored 5 minutes or 20 years. It plays back the same image that was recorded.
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