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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

AceAceAce had the coolest info on who the statue might be - the Egyptian God of fertility, pregnancies. Being damaged might explain the birth problems.

Cool episode. Slowed down after the previous hectic ones which suits with the end of the flashes. Mad to see Sawyer and co. as Dharma initiative guys.

How far off are they from meeting Ben in original timeline? Who is Amy's child or am I thick in not knowing the answer to that already? Probably yes. Why no birth problems.

Had been anticipating Sawyer and Juliet ever since Season 4 helicopter splash finale when on the beach they turn to each other. Great to see it come to pan but then Kate shows up. Actually like Kate [shouldn't admit that] but God oh she gives Sawyer and jack headaches but more fool them for taking it. Especially since either could have had Juliet instead.

Will they get killed by Ben's takeover?

How does Horace feature in?

By taking the name Le Fleur 'Flower' is it a hint at the Orchid?

Statue - coolness - but not sure we'll ever go there again

How do they get back to their own time?

Where are other flight people - in particular Ben and Sun - assume the two who ran off in John's time but when?

And really where are bernard and Rose and et el?

Excellent episode.
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