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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

Interesting debate and some very thought provoking points made by Myasishchev, some of which I hope to address in this post. (Warning: this may result in either a rant or a Cardassian style monologue)

With regards to my sig, I included it because it is one of my favorite Weyoun/Dukat moments and it highlights the differences in their personal Philosophies. Weyoun shares the typical Dominion viewpoint that anything and anyone who poses a threat to their Gods should be eliminated entirely whereas Dukat believes that one has to prove that you are the superior being to your enemies. The line that you quoted Myasishchev is more revealing of Skrain Dukat than of official cardassian policy, Dukat needs to prove that he was correct to justify his actions to the universe and to gain the respect he feels that he deserves. Basically Dukat has a serious ego problem! However the first sentence could be applied to the Federation after the dominion war but more in the sense that the UFP would want to build up Cardassia as a ally. After all the UFP's greatness is in its diversity not it's conquests.

As for the Ferengi becoming the "anti-Federation" I have several reservations with this concept. Firstly the Ferengi are a caricature of capitalism and quickly became a running joke (Quark was an admirable attempt to move beyond this but too many Ferengi episodes ruined it IMHO). Secondly why should a alliance of arrogant libertarians be the only alternative to the alleged Communism of the Federation? Oh look it's 400 years in the future and we're still fighting the Cold War. Hooray for neo-Liberalism.

It's precisely because the Cardassians occupy (and I hope you'll forgive me for using that word) a middle ground between the two that makes the Cardassian Union's interactions with the rest of the Alpha Quadrant so interesting. I do hope they don't just revert to being the federation's adversaries in 20 years time, perhaps a neutral Cardassia would have more dramatic impact.

As for the Borg, I have never liked the collective and aside from the first few times that they appeared, I never found them to be that interesting. All they do is take from others subjugating entire worlds and civilizations to the Collective's will. The Borg have nothing to offer to the universe and I'm glad that they are finally gone.

As for the Klingon's looting the corpse of the Cardassian Union in order to recover from the War? I don't think the Klingons have that right personally, after all it was their arrogant and misguided aggression based on the paranoia of an easily tricked high council and the stupid belief that the Klingon Empire needs to expand or die. The Klingons attacked their closest ally and would have left the AQ wide open to the Dominion after the UFP, KE and the RSE had fought each other to exhaustion . I should also note that the Federation nearly fought a civil war due to Founder influence and none other than Enabran Tain himself was taken in by a Dominion plot. The point is that occupying a dying and resource poor Cardassian Union will not help anyone recover from the War and it is particularly disguising of the Klingons to demand reparations and territories from the Cardassian people when they have spent the last few years launching unprovoked raids and wars of aggression on the Cardassian Union that have cost the lives of millions. Indeed the only group that has caused more harm to the people of Cardassia (and indeed the AQ itself) is the Dominion.

As for Damar's rebellion I will be addressing the causes and affects of Damar's actions in my next essay which will be on the politics of the Union.
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