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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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...but now it is just a weird sci-fi show with big plot twists and revelations. It is still engaging and it has great character moments, but the only questions is asks anymore are about its own mythology, it doesn't ask any of the big questions.
I'm sorry, you're describing the last season of BSG as fully as you are "Lost."

What does BSG have? Well, it's certainly not that it's meaningfully asking "big questions about humanity" at this point any more than that's really ever true of Star Trek.
I can't agree on this point. From the beginning of season 4 they have been exploring what it means to be human by having four characters learn that they are not human. Tory abandons her humanity at the first opportunity, Tyrol slowly abandons it and Tigh steadfastly refuses to let go of the man he wants to be. You also have Cavil's rant about not wanting to be human and wanting to be a machine, which at least brought up the questions in our mind of what constitutes a human.

It also explored what happens to a society which loses all hope. The mutiny, Dee's suicide, Roslin's decision to die and Adama's breakdown have all been in response to finding out that Earth is a radioactive wasteland. They asked these questions and then played them out.

What questions about humanity has Lost asked this season, or in season 4? It is fun and it has great characterisation, but ultimately it is a show about a battle for control over a magical island. I want to find out who wins, I want to find out who Jacob is, I want to find out if Desmond will get his happy-ever-after, but it isn't challenging me.
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