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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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'Lost' had a strong first season and then meandered aimlessly in circles around the island for seasons two and three.

It wasn't until TPTB put a constructive gun to the creators' heads and gave them a finite timeline (in response to dropping ratings) that the show's exponentially increasing loose plot threads started to get tied together.
I agree with that assessment, mostly. I'd also add that the producer's of Lost also wanted that definitive end date for just that reason. So, it wasn't wholly involuntary. But, clearly they Lost writers adapted in a positive manner.

I wish the BSG writers had done the same after being placed in the same situation. Instead, they still seem to meander. For example, the BSG writers have time management problems in terms of plotting; it's not tight. They don't seem to have enough plot to fill a season yet at the same time they need to cut crucial scenes within an episode due to a lack of time! There are structural problems with the plot and its pacing, just like there are structural problems with the Galactica itself.

I'm actually expecting the BSG finale to be pretty good though. They seem to get the big events nailed, just not the lead up.

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