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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

Myasishchev wrote: View Post
Aw, but it would've been cute.
Yeah...but that's exactly what I wanted to avoid.

No, I definitely see your point and you were right to steer clear of the easy road. I could maybe even see Berat being depressed if he ever did solve it... until he'd moved on to something more challenging.

And fwiw, I forgot that was even a canon device.
I don't think Berat would be depressed. I think he would be really thrilled if he pulled it off, especially because of the huge challenge it represented.

But I think leaving it unclear whether he ever will solve it is the best way...because his pride and his worth simply aren't defined that way--and shouldn't be.

Marie1 wrote: View Post
I was surprised how far Weyoun let himself get pushed around- all those sensitive databases... I guess with Jem'Hadar in the room or Breen... he needed more soldiers at his side. But you're right, Weyoun had "issues" with Dukat, so Dasreen wouldn't have qualms bickering with someone young, who had a disability. *shakes fist*
Dukat definitely seemed able to push back against Weyoun, at least to some extent--and I think that was by virtue of his position. But with Weyoun, I think we started to see him on the path towards becoming like Dasreen. The further Damar deteriorated, the nastier and more openly contemptuous he became. But Dasreen...he didn't even have a modicum of respect to be destroyed. I think he only learned respect in those very last seconds, when he realized he'd been tricked!

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Dasreen went waaaay to far, by leaps and bounds. It's interesting what they say about bullies, of which Vorta are of course, they're cowards- even in the presence of Jem'Hadar. He didn't have anything to lean on besides cutting words.
The funny thing is this. If you discard the inner characters of each, Dasreen should've been the one holding all the cards. But I think you're right about what a coward he was...he was so insecure about the idea of losing a simple recreational game in front of the Jem'Hadar that he let himself be goaded into doing something stupid and reckless even over said Jem'Hadar's advice.
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