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Re: Dollhouse 1x04 Gray Hour - Poll & Discuss

So far the show is living off Whedon credit in my corner.

It is mildly intriguing, has an interesting premise and arch storytelling (a big one for me).

On the other other side of the coin it has mediocre acting (sorry Dushku.. you are pretty and my type but i guess there's a reason why you aren't a big movie or TV star outside of Whedon shows), some dumb premises (really.. why hire a negotiator, bodyguard or midwife for 1 million $ or more when you can get a real professional for a fraction of the cost) and overall mediocre stories.

I'm pinning my hope that it picks up soon and switches into high gear and if this doesn't happen within the next 5 episodes or so i think i'm done.
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