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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

^ Good point Nerys Ghemor, and well put too.

I will lay my cards on the table on this issue because I think it's a very important question that needs a sensible answer. Now I'm quite far to the Left (I will not say how far because this isn't TNZ and we don't want to get drawn into a massive debate) and can not be in any sense called a conservative, and yet I am a huge Cardassian fan. I personally think that it is because of the complex nature of the Cardassian society and the counterpoint the Union poses to the UFP.

I do see a lot of arrogant sneering from some of my fellow Lefties both on the interweb and the real world but I will also say that self righteousness and arrogance crosses all political borders and can be poison to political discourse. I hold firmly to the view that politics is both the art of the impossible and the area of our ideas and hopes, that the point is to share and debate in order to help shape society for the better. Therefore all points of view deserve respect.
I think for the Cardassians politics is both a deadly form of combat and a means of enlightenment, a way to understand an often harsh universe. They may be tyrants, spies and often cruel but at least they know that life and success have to be fought for.
And that is one of the many reasons for the greatness of the Cardassian people!
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