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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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I've been doing OpenGL programming at work in recent months, so I have some idea of what you're doing. The sheer scope of what you're doing for this model, however, is... well... immense.
What can I say - the project grew on me.

I started out just trying to create a bridge - there were only a handful that I could find on the web at the time - all these creative people, but very few of these great models! And none of the models were in VRML.

Apparently VRML comes with a label that states - "For External Use Only".

Over the last couple of years, it's all added up to some 410 flat files and a few mb of VRML text. I use VBA and several tables in MS Access to keep track of the details of ring-walls, straight corridors and interruptions like doors and windows. Most of the 410 files are actually made within the VBA code - I change the database records, run one of the programs, and new component files pop out! so I don't actually have to keep track of what's in the files - it's all coordinated from within the VBA code and Access tables.

And there's some JavaScript to animate everything - can't make that simple! But I do use proto or prototype elements where ever I can - they're like a cookie-cutter approach - sort of object-oriented.

Maybe immensely gratifying is more true!
I'm still hoping to get you all interested in making your own models.

Who's first?

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