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Re: Dollhouse 1x04 Gray Hour - Poll & Discuss

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One problem, I think, is that Eliza's last series didn't exactly give her the chance to act either. In Tru Calling, every other character was given a lot of depth and development, EXCEPT Tru, whose only job was to go back in time and solve the problem of the week. The writers ignored her for the sake of plot advancement. She didn't get squat in terms of development.

Now in this series her character is a blank, staring cypher.

I'd love to see her in a show where she gets to be a single, developing, well-written character.
Are you kidding? This premise is an actor's dream! A different character every week? That's actor heaven. Hell, this last episode, she played three different characters in one hour!

The problem is not the premise. The problem is Dushku's inability to rise to the occasion.

And I love Eliza Dushku. Well, looking at her, anyway.
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