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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

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I agree, they aren't too good at sharing notes with each other. If I were working for Dharma, I would sure be learning as much as possible.

A couple of things make me believe they have learned a lot though. For one, Sawyer is in Security, in fact head of security. He said they were searching the island for their people in "grids." So this makes me believe that Saywer and company now have a pretty good layout of the island, they know where things are, all the Dharma stations, and what geographical features the island contains. Also, Farady is most likely (since we saw him in a past episode) working at The Orchid. He could have picked up on a lot of information there. Being in something for 3 years, you are going to pick up on a lot of stuff. I am sure they've been around to the other Dharma stations, maybe even The Flame and seen outside transmissions.
Oh, I agree. Going by the standards of real life, it's unrealistic to expect that anyone would work for some organization for three years and have that kind of status in it, yet still not know what the purpose of the organization is, and what it's doing on the Island. All I'm saying is that, given Lost's track record on this kind of thing, I'm not taking it as a given that they've applied the logic of real life here.

Also, I don't really count "the Dharma stations, and what geographical features the island contains" as that important. I'm talking about "What is the Dharma Initiative? How did they know about the Island? What are they doing on the Island? What do they know about the Hostiles, and why are they in conflict with them?" as the relevant questions, which Sawyer and the others *should* know by know. Or even if some of that stuff is being kept secret by higher ups, those higher ups should have at least fed them some kind of convincing cover story by now. No one in real life would just accept "Don't ask those kind of questions" as an least not for that long a period of time.
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