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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

Myasishchev wrote: View Post
^The best label for the Cardassian economic system is probably state capitalism as practiced in late Tsarist Russia (unsuccessfully) or the People's Republic of China (jury's still out on that).

More like the State Capitalist system of the Stalinist Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics (USSR).
Ladies and gentlemen, I raise my glass of Kanar to you all, the ideals and theories presented here are a sheer delight to read. I want to address some of them if I may.

The points made by Nerys Ghemor and Myasishchev regarding the economics and the Politics of Cardassia kinda tie in with the second part of this essay. The economic system of the Cardassian Union has never been elaborated upon either on screen or in the Literature, we know that the Cardassian currency is the Lek but there is no information on the units of this currency and how the economy works. However several observations can be made based on existing evidence.
Given the primacy of the state it is safe to assume that Cardassia is not a free market economy(not that sure that it has ever existed IMHO), that there is a high level of state involvement in the financial sector. One similarity that Cardassia may share with the late Soviet Union is an economy driven by the needs of heavy industry due to the huge demands of the ruling Military. This means that the Market in the CU is predicated upon shipbuilding and arms manufacture rather than consumer goods which would affect both the lifestyles of the average Cardassian and the Trade prospects of the Union. ( I will develop these arguments further in the essay).

The ideal of Cardassia as a different example of a non-federation power that is not a dictatorship or a race of cartoon stereotypes is one that I believe in as well. In fact one of the most annoying aspects of recent Cardassian portrayals is the neglection of one of the most ground shaking events in Trek history; the Revolution of 2372 in which a Totalitarian system was swiftly overthrown and a democracy was established. Alas we never got to find out how this democracy functioned, instead we got the Klingons rampaging around the Quadrant like a bunch of drunken morons.
I hope TNES will be able to bridge this gap (though I doubt it myself).

As to the Federations appalling arrogance and self righteousness I'm in complete agreement with everyone who has condemned it. I remember reading a truly bad Tom Clancy novel (is there any other kind) in which one of his Right wing Gary sues states that he doesn't care what happens to the rest of the world and that basically if they all killed themselves it would not matter because they aren't Americans. That sounds similar to the attitudes of the Feds, a load of in my humble opinion.

I'm very glad to see Cardassia recovering from the Dominion Genocide and I personally think that its great that there is no Klingon or Romulan occupation. Besides isn't the KDF supposed to be recovering from the Dominion War? Those Klingons shouldn't be trying to expand their poxy empire for gods sake.

I've ranted a bit too long so I'll stop by informing everyone that the next installment of this essay should be arriving in the next two days and I will be posting my essay on the Romulans as soon as I have refined it somewhat.

Thanks for Reading!
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