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Re: Cardassian ships: those I am attracted to. Mechanical eye-candy.

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I actually think that fits their backstory, though. They don't have a lot of resources, so it makes sense for them to stick to a few tried-and-true designs rather than do a whole lot of retooling for a crazy variety of ship classes.
Well, I do agree with this. At the same time I would've liked the Keldons to have been more differentiated from the Galors--or at least seen again! But maybe they were failures. Their only combat excursion ended with the loss of every ship, true, but I don't think we can blame that on the design...
Yeah, the blame for that one lies with Tain's arrogance.

But the fact that the Keldon wasn't that differentiated may be further evidence of the point that I was making--that any kind of significant retooling puts a strain on Cardassian resources. I don't think it's their creativity that's the problem--their tactics and maneuvers are always's the physical resources to actually bring their ideas to fruition.

And did no one see ANY Keldons during any other battle? I keep thinking there were some there, for some reason...
I go to the authority on these matters :

Bernd Schneider wrote:
The Keldon makes its first appearance in DS9: "Defiant" where its class seems to be already known. Not the appearance of a new ship type, but rather the fact that the Obsidian Order is building their own fleet of Keldon-class ships, was the surprise to both the Cardassian military and the Federation. Except for DS9: "The Die is Cast" where a fleet of about ten of these ships is destroyed (the other ships being Romulan Warbirds), the Keldon class never appears again.
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