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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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I don't buy the fact that he could "kidnap" Troi, Ogawa and a shuttle with it being noticed on sensors (which is usually what happens). I mean someone would have seen him gone AWOL and tried to stop him. Granted, he was biting people along the way but no one could have stunned him or had a force field raised? Seemed a bit off.
Umm... I suggest you re-read pages 167-71. Ogawa alerts the bridge immediately after Ree leaves sickbay with Deanna. As stated on p. 167, no security fields are raised because of the damage the ship has just sustained in the explosion of the asteroid. A security team is sent to intercept him, but they can't shoot him for fear the phaser stun might hurt the injured pregnant lady he's carrying or the baby within her. They try to subdue him hand-to-hand, but he defeats them. Ogawa notifies the transporter room to beam the security team to sickbay. When Ree steals the shuttle, the bridge crew is fully aware of the theft as it happens, but again, the damage from the explosion prevents them from stopping him.

Also, if Riker understood why Ree did what he did couldn't he have forget about the hearing and just give a small reprimand?
Because Riker isn't the only person in Starfleet. The hearing is necessary so that the facts of the case can be documented for the official record, and so that Ree's exoneration will be legal and by the book rather than just the whim of one man.

As for the sex and name of the baby: Was it left up to you or was that already planned early on?
The baby's sex was revealed in the Destiny trilogy, so you'd have to ask Dave Mack whose decision that was. I chose the baby's name, but it was Marco's decision whether or not to accept my suggestion. We had a few inconclusive discussions about it and I offered a list of possible names for his consideration, but ultimately he was okay with the name I suggested in the manuscript. If he hadn't liked my idea, he could've chosen a different name from my list or suggested one of his own.
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