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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

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I...wouldn't normally bump a thread, but I'm thinking this story might've gotten lost in the shuffle.
I'm glad you did. It was most enjoyable.

I was surprised you didn't have him solve the puzzle, though. Maybe a little over-the-top, but I could've seen it working.
Thank you for reading.

I did give some thought to the idea of letting Berat solve the puzzle--but I ended up dismissing it for three reasons. First, in-universe, the Altonian brain teaser (as we saw on DS9) is something that requires extreme relaxation to solve...theta waves, specifically. Berat's mind is in MUCH too excited a state, especially riding that high at the end, for him to get even close. Even someone without his neurological condition wouldn't have had a shot at that point.

(As for Dax, she'd been working on the puzzle for 140 years--but I have this suspicion that the unique interactions between symbiont and host presented an additional challenge, much as Berat's neurological impairment complicates his own attempt.)

Second, it would've seemed rather cliched to me, a little too "neat"...but the third reason was actually the most important one to me.

I felt, in a lot of ways, it would have undermined the point Berat was making in his monologue: he does not HAVE to solve it. He does not HAVE to be normally-abled to have pride in who he is AS he is. He might eventually pull it off someday--but that's not something I feel like I ever need to tell. He may or may not. But that he keeps moving forward--that he will not be swayed--that is the important thing. THAT is where his pride comes from, and what makes him so formidable

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You do have a very solid take on Cardassian characterization--you make them truly different while at the same time giving us a frame of reference where we can understand them. I'm afraid I'm not up on the novels--never enough time.

Well done, sir. I'm glad I caught this!
Glad you enjoyed it--thank you for reading!
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