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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

Ok - so the transporter areas - Tin Man caught me on another thread trying to miss details from the Franz Joseph Designs deckplans.


Here's the evidence against me: some of it is circumstantial... ;^)

The FJ port deckplan is on the left, my VRML model (port) in the middle, FJ stbd deckplan on the right. I guess I just assumed that the port and stbd sides were the same. OOPSY!!!

You can clearly see that the corridor running between the adjacent transporter rooms on the port side should be extended through the first ring of cargo holds - unlike the same corridor on the starboard side, which is truncated.

Now about the pocket doors to the machinery beside each transporter...

You can't see them in the diagrams above, because they're not there!
The pocket doors do show up in the Starfleet Technical Manual on the Transporter page:

where you can clearly see the pocket doors to the machinery, and the corridor that I missed (above).


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